Have you ever had the impression that you’re invisible to your customers or attracting the wrong type of customers to your business? Customers who are difficult to work with, don’t appreciate your work, and take to much of your time?

Unfortunately, lots of businesses are struggling to find the right type of customers – the ideal customers. Customers that are easy to work with, like what you offer and tell all their friends how much they enjoy working with you. These customers are pleasure to work with and beneficial to work with. You may hear about dream client, avatar, ideal customer persona or target audience. But who are they? A perfect customer is the person who get huge value from the product or service you offer. It is the person thanks to which your business is growing, thanks to his/her recommendations your income is increased, and the list of clients grows. You know how business functions, so I don’t have to explain it to you.

So, the question arose – How can I find customers like this? During my consultations I often ask questions:

How well do you know your client? Why should you get to know your dream client very well? Why, not only demographic and statistical data count in this process?

The answers I often hear are incomplete, inadequate. For example: My target group are women from 25 to 45 years old living in a big city or my clients are business owners. Does it sound familiar to you? Do you also define your client in this way? If so, I hope you are aware that you need to work on this area.

To make your marketing strategy more effective, it all comes down to knowing exactly who your ideal customer is, where you can find him, what are his needs and expectations. Your marketing communication should be based on solid foundation. If you think you will sell more by targeting everyone, then you are wrong. The secret is to understand the client, understand his situation and needs. Everything then takes on a different meaning.

You need to treat your customer like your friend. Think for a moment about one of your friends and this friend has a problem. So, you as a good friend you rush to help him. But do you know how to help him? Yes because, you often talk, you know each other very well -and on this basis you can offer him help. You know his/her situation and you want the best for him or her.

Preparing you offer to right customer is like going on birthday party. By knowing your customer you know what to give him, what to offer him, what present will be ideal, because you know his or her needs and dreams.

You need to take care of your client just as much as for a friend.

Targeting the wrong audience can lead to:

Wasting money by marketing to people who are never going to buy what you sell or use your service, and if they will buy you will be dealing with tone of complains from unsatisfied customer,
Stagnation in your business as you won’t be able to invest and expand your business or worse you will end up indebting or closing your business,
Burnout because you will not see the desired effects in your action, and you will not put in more effort
I know this may seem difficult to you, so to make it easier I have created a questionnaire that will help you define your ideal customer.

Press HERE to download the questionnaire.

Completing this exercise will help you target the right people. It will be easier for you to conduct your marketing campaign because you will understand your clients’ situation. Your marketing message will be clearly understood by you audience because you will offer them something what they were searching for, what will fulfil their needs.

Did you ever work with someone who was delighted the results they get after “buying” from you and they become repeat customer? If yes, that is great and I want you to work with that type of people all the time.

Don’t fight an uphill battle just to stay in business!

Reach for the right people!

Pay less money on advertising!

Enjoy running a business!