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The IOMCC Advertising Department offers you rich media, one of the more common types of advertising. The general concept of rich media is that website can be an interactive experience rather than a flat text and image display. By pressing on your ad, the user will be directed to your business website. Therefore, advertising with IOMCC is a powerful solution that connects our advertisers with engaged readers.

To start making great campaigns with us you need to supply your own designs which must match required sizes and formats. It is important to remember that the advertisement may not contain vulgar, offensive or discriminating content and may not violate the privacy and dignity of the user.

To ensure user comfort, IOMCC requires all ads, extensions and placements to meet high editorial and industry standards. We only accept ads that are transparent, look professional, and lead users to content that is useful and relevant to their interests and the mission of the IOMCC. Blurry or unclear images should be avoided and strobing or flashing backgrounds are not permitted. All artwork is subject to editorial approval and IOMCC reserves the right of rejection without giving a reason. All designs are subject to run quality test before launching.

To ensure user comfort and display of attractive and professional-looking ads, we only allow ads which are leaderboard and sidekick types. Familiarize yourself with the requirements below that applies to each format. 

Accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif

Advertise with Us
Advertise with Us

We work with our clients to build strategic, innovative and results-driven campaigns from start to finish.

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