International Organisation of Mentor Coaches and Consultants

International Organisation of Mentors, Coaches and Consultants (IOMCC) is a community of professionals committed to helping and supporting others find fulfilment, achieve goals and success. It is a  online service which gathers mentors, coaches and consultants in each field from around the world.

Mentoring, coaching and consulting are some of the fastest growing industries in the world, but there is still some work to be done in raising awareness and revealing that more and more people are benefiting from this type of guidance and support. Our purpose is to build a site that makes it easy for individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs to get in touch with all the best experts and to enable the experts to promote their services to potential clients. By engaging with our website and connecting with our specialists and contributors, we hope that you too can improve the quality of your life and business and then support others in need.


Our mission is to promote personal and professional development and to make it possible for anyone to improve the quality of their life. We want you to live a life which is meaningful and full of joy. We want to see a world full of people whose dreams and desires are fulfilled.

We know that the process of personal and professional development is different for everyone. Regardless of whether you start a new chapter in your life or simply enter another extraordinary level, an advisor from our list can support you at every stage of your journey. Choosing an expert requires careful consideration and thought, as they don’t all offer the same services. Based on your specific goals, background and budget you can find an ideal expert from our network of hundreds of professionals, who is going to be the right one to assist you.


It’s important to find someone who you can connect with and who has the training and experience to meet your unique expectations. To make your decision easier we included everything you would need while first looking for an expert (mentor/consultant/specialist/advisor):

  • Detailed member profiles – a section to help you learn more about them, their services and offers before making contact
  • Local Events – a section where you can find out more about organized events/workshops/courses about topics that interest you or in which you want to deepen your knowledge.
  • The Articles – a section where you can read about interesting topics and where specialists from various fields share their knowledge and experience.
  • Advanced search tool – this option allows you to search for an expert who will best suit your expectations.

Our passion for spreading information about personal and professional development would not be possible without you, the individuals and business people who seek and share support.

Everyone deserves to be happy and this is what we wish for you.